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"If you have a woman you want to impress, this is your perfect chance to do so."

Jennifer S. Dobrowitz

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Not knowing how to provide oral sex has a name: it is simply called "sucking at sex".

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In short, to you, oral sex may not be important, but to girls it is extremely crucial. Case closed!

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never had orgasm

Up to 15% of American women have never experienced an orgasm.

clitoral stimulation

75% of women need clitoral stimulation and are unable to orgasm through intercourse alone.

never had orgasm

70% of women have never had an ORGASM with a man.

faking orgasm

92% of women will FAKE ORGASMS just to "get it over with".

likes cunnilingus

82% of married women prefer receiving cunnilingus over any other sexual act, and they experience orgasm 81% of the time.

can achieve orgasm

Only 12% of women commonly experiences orgasm through classical penetration.

*Data collected from the various studies

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I get it.

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Things may look confusing down there.

Well, what if you had access to all the crucial information about all her hot spots, and how exactly you should approach them? What if you had all the answers to the questions that you have been asking yourself for years - how cunnilingus works and what makes women climax?

You got it! It`s called Learn2Lick and it contains the ultimate oral sex lessons, and much more. If you want to learn how to go down on a woman, then you should stick with me from now on!

You better listen to someone from the sisterhood, someone who owns the same set of tools, and someone who knows that the only thing worse than not giving cunnilingus, is giving bad cunnilingus! ;) Having said all that, I feel that it is time to introduce myself: My name is Jennifer Dobrowitz, and I will be your teacher and guide on your journey to becoming a master of women`s desires and pleasures. I am erotic artist and writer. For many years I have been working as a medical practitioner and adviser on areas of love, relationships, and sex, but recently I decided to dedicate more time to writing and enjoying life. I have combined my medical knowledge about physiology, anatomy, gynecology and psychology with my sexual experiences and the experiences of others that have crossed my path, into a transparent yet sophisticated guide to cunnilingus. Creation of this course has lasted for MANY YEARS! The course includes not only a set of ebooks, but also audio books and video lessons with in-detail explanations on everything about cunniligus, and is easy for anyone to master. I confess, the female body has always been the object of my most hidden desires and by doing this, I am living my dream.

jennifer dobrowitz
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Wanna have better sex life? You have a perfect chance to make it better!

This complete multimedia cunnilingus course can change your love life for good. To illustrate, here is just a sneak peak on what you`ll learn from this course:

Learn not only how to change that infamous "I'm not in a mood for that right now", but to set her mind into craving for the same thing you do. You'll learn a set of methods, tips and tricks on how to achieve this.
What turns on one woman could be a major turnoff for another; some girls like to have their hair touched and combed with your fingers, but chances are that you'll get "Don't touch my hair!"" reaction more often than not. When thing get confusing, "Learn2Lick" is there to help you.
When things get intimate, never, ever rush into her panties the minute you see she's willing to have sex with you. Take it slow; the more the foreplay lasts, the more she'll be interested in sexing you up.
Cunnilingus positions are systematized and thoroughly explained, giving the reader the opportunity to memorize them and use the knowledge during oral sex: The Prayer, 69, Sit on My Face (And Tell Me that You Love Me), The Doggy Position, The Superman, The Mistress, The Spread-eagle, The Acrobat (Giving Her a Vagina Piggy-Back Ride Face First, A.K.A. The Mustache Tickle), and so on. If positions are changed while licking her out for pleasing her, you can stick it out to the end of the night simply by using just one technique, blowing her mind to orgasmic ecstasy over and over again!
After things got intimate, and after that, when the play is over, it sometimes might be a bit awkward if you don't know what to say and what to do. Of course, the trick is to be as natural and as relaxed as possible, but if that does not come spontaneously, you'll just have to learn from the book how to come to that.
Be ready and know what to do if certain problems occur. Learn what to do in case of vaginal dryness, or vaginal flatulence, and how to deal with girls that fake their orgasms.
Would you know what to do if the girl you are dating tells you that she cannot achieve orgasm? In "Learn2Lick" course you'll be given basic information on how to make steps in overcoming past sexual traumatic experiences.
Instructions on how to spend a few hours with her in relaxed and seductive way, and how to maintain the same atmosphere for a while after that and make her really want to be licked. Bunch of great ideas are given in the course on what to do, what to say and how to make her want it.
"Bedroom things" are not reserved for bedroom only! "Learn2Lick" course will teach you how to make your love life more exciting on plenty of different locations.
Some medical problems might exist from time to time, or all of the time. "Learn2Lick" course will explain in detail how to deal with this situations and how to maintain your intimate moments with significant other.
They say that above all, bad breath is an instant turn off (and I do not mean just turning one's head), which his applies not only for dating and seduction, but for everyday life as well. In a relationship, oral hygiene is the first step towards oral sex; general hygiene by paying special attention to one's genitals is the second.


learn2lick bundle
* Available as instant download.
The Learn2Lick complete multimedia bundle contains:

learn2lick bundle
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Cunnilingus video
cunnilingus video
In-detail explained everything you have ever wanted to know about cunnilingus in video format! Anatomy, various techniques, recommended positions and bunch of great ideas for seduction, foreplay and more. This comprehensive video was specially created to show you the right path! Clear "how to" instructions on numerous cunnilingus tricks and erogenous zones are explained in this full lenght video course! It cannot be presented better than this!
cunnilingus video length
timing 01:06:02
instant download
available instantly
watch cunnilingus
mp4 video format
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Cunnilingus audiobook
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cunnilingus audiobook
Additional to the watching and reading, listen to the most important lessons about anatomy, poses and techniques on the go!! Download these amazing audio lessons to your mobile device, tablet, phone or any mp3 player, and enjoy upgrading your lovemaking skills on your way to a date!
cunnilingus audiobook
31 audio track
download audiobook
available instantly
cunnilingus mp3
mp3 audio format
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Illustrated cunnilingus ebook
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cunnilingus ebook
In-detail: 20 chapters about cunnilingus!!, explained numerous techniques, recommended positions, illustrated visuals to show you the right path, anatomy and erogenous zones, foreplay drilling, location instructions, seduction guidance, after-play - what to do after to win her over, real user cases, health advice and much much more... This book contains everything you`ll ever need to know about cunnilingus!!
cunnilingus ebook
20 chapters
cunnilingus download
available instantly
see cunnilingus
illustrated visuals
Don`t miss this unique chance to improve your sex life!
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What are you waiting for?
cunnilingus lessons
With these skills, you will easily know how to get her from frigid Ice Queen to a hot-panted Juicy Lucy.
If you have a woman you want to impress, this is your perfect chance to do so. It is simple and served directly to you! I tell you guys, learn to lick her, and she will be yours forever. What if you yet to have found your dream woman? Then by mastering the skills presented in this course, you will be making the first step on a path to having as many women as you wish.
"Yes, I want to drastically improve my sex life, NOW!"

Upon purchasing, a download link for this video course (in mp4), audiobook (in mp3), and e-book (in PDF) shall be emailed to you, alongside with attached PDFs in your Inbox. This format has been chosen as it is easily readable and is commonly found on any computer, laptop, netbook, mobile phone or tablet device. After securing a copy, you can start watching, reading and listening it within minutes, and opening the secrets that are stored inside! All transactions are secure via Clickbank. Your privacy is my number one concern!
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"And I`ll throw in 3 gifts!"
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2 The Orgasm
Alongside The Cunnilingus Bible, I will send you a copy of "2 The Orgasm" script for free! This work features a deeper look into the secret world of female heaven and teaches you how to lift your partner to such heights.
Cunnilingus FAQ
Others have already asked, so you don't have to. This book features 59 most frequently asked questions about cunnilingus and answers to all of them. The only stupid question is the unasked one, and there are no stupid questions when it comes to sex. Last cunnilingus secrets are coming unveiled in this book!
Cunnilingus PLUS
This script is featuring advanced cunnilingus skills in addition to the techniques described in the main book. These rarely known techniques are coming explained in details and ready for your mind-blowing orgasm fireworks! Want to knock her off the feet? This is the sure way!
And here is what others say...
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"After having studied your book very carefully, I successfully gave my wife her first ever cunnilingus orgasms as her 70th birthday present, she orgasmed three times by cunnilingus, three times by my hand using some new techniques learned by reading your book, and one final orgasm by intercourse, which rarely occurred by intercourse in the past. We have been together for five and a half years and married for four years. I have been able to give her multiple orgasms with my hand since early in our relationship. She is a changed woman.

We have every intention of continuing with our lovemaking until one of us dies.

Sincerely, Her 69 yr. old husband Bob E."

* * *

I got your book as a present for my birthday from my gf. At first, I was surprised and a bit offended. After going through it though, I applied what I learned, and, my God, that was when I really was surprised! It works!

Thank you for all your advice,


* * *
"The thing is, I`m not a big fan of oral sex, and even after having read your book I never will be. Actually, the only reason I ordered it is because I started my first serious relationship after a divorce a few years ago, after a bunch of one night stands and open relationships. But then I met a great woman who adores oral sex and I really wanted to give it a try and make her happy. I know that she is happy now. Tnx ;)


* * *
sex bomb

Bring Her To The
Unspeakable Orgasm

sex medal

Make Love Like
Never Before

sex trophy

Have Success With Women

sex fire

Have Passionate

sex magnet

Be By Far Less
Likely To Be Dumped

sex wink

Be Confident

"Yes, I want to master the kind of sex women really want!"
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"Still not sure?? Relax..."
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cunnilingus guarantee

Learn2lick comes with a full, 60-day money-back guarantee!

This means that you can try it totally risk-free for 60 days, a period which can be considered more than enough to try and adopt these easy-to-learn lessons. If you`re not totally stunned by the results you`re seeing with your love making, make a request and I`ll refund you every cent instantly!

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"No risk, all benefits!"
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learn2lick bundle
The Learn2Lick is the ultimate cunnilingus training!
One piece of advice that must be followed is to never underestimate the power of oral sex! Women never forget their orgasms and lovers who have gone down on them to give them a good lick are the ones who give women the most!

If the lessons inside are followed, you will learn so much more, such as body language or how to find her erogenous zones. What is more important is that you will know exactly what to do with it! You will know exactly what she wants from you, and you will be well prepared for handling her and her gushing. She will be putty in your hands, craving you when you are not beside her, and willing to commit if you so wish.

How does this all sound to you?

Like a dream come true? ;)

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