A Set of Simple Instructions for Beginners in Giving Oral Sex

Jennifer Dobrowitz Cunnilingus

Your First Cunnilingus Experience

Every journey starts with a first step. Cunnilingus does not necessarily need to be the first kind of sex you’ll experience, but even if you have had intercourse before, let’s face it: the first lick will be the one to remember. However, you should do your damndest to have something nice to remember – something nice for both of you, to be more precise.

The most important thing to remember is to first educate yourself. Before grasping as much poontang as you can, you should grasp as much information as you humanly are able to concerning female anatomy and physiology. Learn about the vulva, the vagina with its G-spot, and the internal reproductive organs, get yourself familiar with the menstrual cycle and make an effort to really understand everything about it. Pay special attention to understanding STDs and especially how to prevent them, how to protect yourself and your partner.

Even if you are already in a steady relationship with her, some seduction beforehand is always
welcomed. Before you meet her for your attempt at sexitude, let her know that you can hardly wait to do it to her; make her feel really special because of it.

When you actually find yourselves at the very beginning of oral sex, give her a really good warm
up. Kiss her passionately, gently bite her ear, and whisper something sexy to her. Kiss her neck
and go down to her breasts, nibble her nipples, and caress her down to the small of her back.
When your head comes to between her legs, never jump right the clitoris! Play with her labia with your lips at first, and after a while put your soft tongue between them and lick upwards, to reach her clitoris.

Make sure that your tongue remains soft and that the rhythm of your tongue movements is
sensual. Use smooth, steady, slow rhythmic licks. Slowly change techniques and rhythm of licking to find that special one which will take her down the road to the orgasm. The turning point at this moment is to recognize that she is close to orgasm; you will notice that she is moving her hips back and forth in a consistent fashion. When you become aware of this, you should continue with what you were doing before. Keep up the rhythm and the licking techniques you were using and you’ll make her cum. (To find more about these sexy methods, buy my book Learn2Lick to find out more.)

These are the basics of getting her off with nothing but your mouth. The more you become familiar with the process of making her orgasm by performing cunnilingus, the more comfortable you’ll feel with it, and the better you will be at it.